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Hi!  My Name is Shane and I own/operate/do-pretty-much-everything over here at Verona Records.  You may also know me from my own band, Silverstein.

I started Verona Records in 2005 almost by accident.  Silverstein was playing a music festival in our hometown of Burlington, Ontario, Canada when a local band called "Dead and Divine" caught my eye.  I had never heard of them before, but they grabbed my attention right away and I knew they were destined for some great things.  I contacted them, not with any ideas or a business plan, just because I wanted to do what I could to help them.


Verona was started a few months after that to help Dead And Divine launched their debut album, "What Really Happened At Lover's Lane".  Initially I wasn't sure if this label would reach beyond this one release, but the amazing support I got from

people in the punk rock and hardcore community all over the world was tremendous.  Soon after, I was immersed in the goings on in the local Southern Ontario scene and "discovering" so many amazing bands I could help.  The Stickup, Circuit for the Blackout, I Am Committing a Sin, and Counterparts were some of those bands.  Later on I helped my friends from other parts of the world put out records too.  Today Forever from Germany, and Brendan Rivera, one of my best friends from New York City. 

This label has never been another business looking to turn a profit.  I started it to help bands get their music out there and be able to do what I have done with Silverstein.  If you're a Canadian or international artist that needs help, I am always looking for talented people who share my passion and do this for the love of music, travel and the camaraderie that goes with being in a full time band.

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